Monday, September 12, 2005

Local rural politics, Florida style.

Most of the American political blogs I've seen have unremittingly partisan rhetoric, which gets rather tedious after a while. You look in vain for a liberal blogger to say "Hey, Bush is right for once", or for a Conservative to write that "The Democrats are making a good point here"

What's more , they seem to avoid the nitty-gritty of politics- how to actually win elections. For example, nobody ever talks about delivering leaflets.... So I was intrigued to find, via political oddsmaker , a blog- Akins Campaign Strategy, which actually deals with some of these issues.

Unfortunately, he's a Republican, campaigning in rural Florida. And his suggestions aren't really useful anyway - for example, he strongly prefers radio ads to newspaper ads (and these are for local elections such as County Schools Superintendent). No actual mention of delivering leaflets.

Anyway, no more posts for a few days. Have a lot of paperwork and residents issues to tackle.


James said...

One of the reasons you won't read American campaigners talk about delivering leaflets is that its illegal. Using a US mailbox for anything other than mail is an offence under federal law.

I understand that in some places they use things rather like hotel "do not disturb" signs to hang off door handles, but leafleting just isn't as ubiquitous as it is in the UK.

Roger Owen Green said...

OK, I'm a liberal and Bush was right: He was right to take responsibility for the poor response to Katrina.

(There's a "But", which I'll let go.

Ophelia said...

Hi Chris. Haven't tried biting my lip - I find the photic sneezing thing quite useful. Thanks for the link - I've been searching for literature!


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