Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Cracking bit of Britcosmic

I've just finished reading "Century Rain" by Alastair Reynolds, and it's a cracking read if you like SF. I was surprised and intrigued to find it's not connected to any of his earlier books. Don't read the blurb on the back cover, it would be more fun to plunge in without knowing exactly what happened to the Earth and exactly where some reproduction jazz 78s are coming from.

I mentioned this book to a Tory councillor yesterday and he said he might buy it as a Xmas present for a certain Mr Davis. Is this a scoop - David Davies is an SF fan? If so , he rises slightly in my estimation.


James said...

Davies or Davis? The one who constantly whinges about being the Only Tory in the Village or the part time SAS man?

Chris Black said...

Davis is the guy I meant (but I happen to know another David Davies as well, which confuddled me)

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