Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Out by the Thames

Aaaargh, set the alarm for 04:05 this morning so it's back to work. But it's been a "good" Christmas - good turkey, good conversation and thoughtful presents. (For regular readers of this blog, I didn't get anything by Katie Melua but I got two copies of the Best of ELO CD !)

As for the TV, we only watched "Some Like It Hot" and Doctor Who. I thought the latter was probably better overall than the previous Christmas special, with sterling performances by the two main characters and some inventive use of the sonic screwdriver. I particularly enjoyed Lance's pent-up feelings being released in a rant against Posh Spice and "Text me, text me, text me". The taxi chase sequence was memorable too and nicely paced. However there wasn't the ethical / political twist in the last 5 minutes that we had last year...

And by the way, I've just checked with London Port Control -nobody warned them that the Thames was going to be drained dry in order to save the planet from aliens...


MJ Martin said...

No Katie Melua? Aww. Oh well. ELO are marvellous (even twice).

I quite enjoyed the Christmas special too actually, and the bit with Lance really made me smile. I have known people like her, and on occasion that's just the sort of thing you think! Lots of amusing references to its spinoff, Torchwood, as well, which I rather like.

Glad you had a nice christmas.

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year, Chris!

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