Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Voodoo Astronomy

Full credit for the Daily Mail for making a scientific issue it's main story today : "CLONE FARMING HAS ARRIVED"

Well, I'm sure we can trust the Mail to take an authoritative, rational view of scientific matters.

Oh, and they devote three whole pages today to a newly discovered comet.

"The latest heavenly herald is called Comet McNaught, after the Australian who first spotted it a few months ago. It may, too, prove inauspicious for the Royal Family...

.....ARIES: ...The comet , as it visits Earth from deep and distant space , speaks of you gaining insights into your own 'inner space' that you have never had before. And to triple underline the point, this week's conjunction of Mars and Pluto...

.... LIBRA : Comet McNaught ... won't necessarily oblige you to move home, or to alter your living arrangements... It most certainly though, will invite you to do this"

So a comet is going to ask me to move home? The best punishment for astronomers astrologers and Daily Mail editors for this kind of garbage would be to make them stay out all night in a freezing January on a meteor watch until they learn some proper astronomy.


Tristan said...

I think you mean astrologers not astronomers... :)

Other than that, I agree fully :)

Chris Black said...

Oops , yes thanks I will correct this!

el tom said...

Surely garbage is the whole point of the daily mail...

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