Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How C-GAUN Became The "Gimli Glider"

"After repeated unsuccessful attempts to restart the stalled engines, Pearson and Quintal once again consulted the 767 emergency manual, this time for advice on an unpowered landing. Much to their dismay, no such section existed, presumably because a simultaneous engine failure had been too ridiculous for Boeing engineers to contemplate. "

One of Air Canada's planes,registration C-GAUN, is due to be retired next month. Gimli isn't only the name of a dwarf in "Lord Of The Rings", it's the name of the largest Icelandic settlement outside , uh, Iceland. How this otherwise ordinary aircraft acquired the nickname 'The Gimli Glider', is a story worth reading.

It's another good bit of writing from the Damn Interesting website.

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