Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Unpopular" Policies That Are Actually Quite Popular

From the Telegraph:

Mr Clegg will be boosted, however, by higher-than-expected levels of support for some of his party's more controversial policies. Some 46 per cent of voters backed replacing the Trident nuclear deterrent with a cheaper weapons system, 55 per cent were in favour of amnesties for illegal immigrants who have been in the UK 10 years and 49 per cent backed replacing prison sentences of less than six months with community service

However, 74 per cent disagreed with scrapping the pound and joining the euro when conditions allow – another key Lib Dem policy.


Roger Owen Green said...

I'm reading, at least in some US circles, that the Lib Dem leader has "Peaked too soon", that the folks have tired of him already.

What do you think?

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Chris Black said...

Hi Roger

I think the fact that Clegg has actually BEEN mentioned is US circles is a sign that he's doing pretty well.

Being a pessimist at election times , I've been watching out to see if we will slide down the opinion polls again - but there's only been a slight drop.

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