Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Don't Need No Thought Control

Pink Floyd were one of my favourite groups when I was younger. I thought "Dark Side Of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" were wonderful. And the Tide is Turning" is sublime. But I never liked "Another Brick In the Wall", especially the title track. Not even for one second.

"We don't need no education!"? Of course you do, you pillocks. If that track discouraged even one person from getting a good education and career , well that's one person too many. And teachers and schools seemed such an easy target. Writing a song that encouraged kids to study would have been a bit trickier, eh?

But as explained on Harry's Place , this version - with Roger Waters blessing - is rather more appropriate. It's fronted by two brothers of Iranian origin living in Canada.....


paul barker said...

I found it particularly horrid coming from a group led by men who had been through Public schools & using an unpaid chorus of cheery cockneys.

Roger Owen Green said...

I always thought Another Brick was supoosed to be sarcastic. after all, you're just part of the pavement.

Or literally, the double negative suggests we DO need education. Or so I interpreted it in my own mind at the time.

Gagger said...

I agree with Roger, and who would even notice a song that encouraged kids to study? and i guess you need to watch the movie and see what it's all about :)

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