Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ensemble Darkhorse

I've never seen the TV Tropes website mentioned on another blog. Which is strange, because it's a pretty massive, informal wiki-type site that looks at writing techniques, plot devices , characterisation and a whole lot more in TV, film, literature, anime etc.

I've tried to explain the site to people, when I speak about their eyes tend to glaze over.....

But anyway, for example, the "Badass Bookworm" character trope includes Indiana Jones, Hermione Granger and Siegfied Sassoon.

An example of a plotting trope is "It's a wonderful plot", typified by the film "It's a Wonderful Life" with other examples being the Doctor Who episode "Turn Left", and a very dark episode of "Rugrats"....

But the site goes beyond fiction - and this is my reason for writing about it here - there's even an entry for Nick Clegg , who is categorised, amongst other things as an Ensemble Darkhorse, But Not Too Foreign and a Casanova....

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