Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Future States

I was rather excited when I found the website for Future States - which explains itself as follows:

What will become of America in five, 25, or even 50 years from today? This series of 11 short films explores possible future scenarios through the prism of today’s global realities. Immerse yourself in the visions of these independent prognosticators as they inhabit a future of their own imagining.

The films aren't the best SF that I've seen - but certainly not the worst either. But have a look for yourself.

I've only watched two films so far - "Pia", about the interaction between a widow and an android, , and "Rise", about a change in the housing market.

Another one,  "Silver Sling", about surrogate mothers looks a bit too depressing for me at the moment.

You can watch "Rise" by clicking below:


Roger Owen Green said...

I found this oddly compelling. Thing is, I'm not a SciFi guy, but it does speak to the work of James Howard Kunstler, whose podcast I listen to every week.

Chris Black said...

Yes, I thought it was pretty compelling.

Good actors too, who didn't ham up their parts.

Trevor said...

'The Rise' was quite compelling. As is the Predict-o-meter, if also a little depressing. I may check out some of the other films later. The books by James Howard Kunstler also look interesting. Thanks for mentioning them Roger.

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