Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So much for the land of Edison, Feynman, Asimov , Watson and Hubble

Political Wire reports that a Pew Research Center Poll finds that 64 percent of Americans favour teaching creationism along with evolution in the public schools.
38 percent want schools to teach creationism instead of evolution.

On a more detailed question the response was:

"Life On Earth has
......existed in its present form since the beginning of time ....... 42 per cent
......evolved over time guided by a supreme being ....... 18 per cent
.....evolved over time through natural selection ....... 26 percent
.....evolved over time don't know how ........ 4 percent
.....don't know at all........ 10 percent

Well. That's 42 percent of the American public who don't seem to believe that dinosaurs existed long before mankind. Are they believers in the Bible, or simply in the Flintstones?


Ophelia said...

Hi Chris, please do add me to your links! I'll do the same once I've worked out how. Totally concur with this post, btw.

Re the novel - writer's block!


Kim Ayres said...

Ah well, if you want to see one of the scariest sites I have come across to date, with regard to American Christian Fundamentalism, then you have to visit this site:

I'm pointing you to the page that deals with Atheists first because it gives you a good flavour of where Pastor Jim Nicholls is coming from.

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