Sunday, March 05, 2006

Seeking the Defectors

So where are all these Lib Dem Defectors to the Conservatives? I know they are trying to poach us - in my first 261 months as a councillor nobody asked me to switch sides, but I've now I've been given two opportunities in the 262nd.

All political parties have a few discontented souls in the council chambers of the land (and sometimes they have reasons for being discontented). I suspect that Cameron is saving up half a dozen defectors for a press conference at the start of the local election campaign. If he can't even do that, he's really doing poorly.

If it does happen, I suggest that our spokesman pinches an old comment from a New Zealand Prime Minister talking about emigrants to Australia. He should say "Their defection improves the average ability of both parties".

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Anonymous said...

Here's one:

Though he said "I have always voted Conservative but I did think the grass was greener. Now I see it wasn't, so I've come back."

So probably he shouldn't have joined the Lib Dems in the first place. So why did he? Maybe the reason is here: "Derby City Council has a new opposition group, after a councillor defected from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservative party." - This means, that the Conservatives didn't have previously a group in the Derby City Council. Maybe it would have been too difficult to get elected if he would have stood as a Conservative?

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