Sunday, March 05, 2006

What's in a name?

Well, I felt a bit deflated after hearing the leadership election result - actually, rather more deflated than I expected, because rationally I know that all three candidates could do a good job. Maybe it's an inbuilt reaction I experience whenever a candidate I support loses...

Having said all that, Ming seems to have made a decent start. I heard him three times on the radio on Friday, and thought he was in good form.

Driving around after hearing him for a third time, I had a curious thought. My father, who was a sports fanatic (couldn't get married at the weekend because he would miss a Southend United reserve game) chose the name Christopher Ian Black for me after Chris Chataway the runner, and Ian Black, who I believe was a Scottish swimmer.

If instead of being born in 1958, I'd been born a few years later, what possible sporting forename might he have picked for me?

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