Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Posing the 100 Year Question: "The Ignore it" Answer

As my former group leader Trevor commented on my previous post "Muddling along is one thing, ignoring the problem is another altogether ". And he's right, perhaps it's the same sort of difference between Britain improvising survival from 1939 to 1945, and ignoring Hitler completely.

For somebody else's slant on those who ignore environmental problems, read Pharyngula here

It begins:

It's a peculiar pathology that thinks environmentalism is an evil plot, that planning is communism/socialism, and that Jesus was a good capitalist. It is particularly irksome to try and deal with people who are so far gone that they deny science warning them of environmental dangers and impending problems.

How irksome? Imagine that a scientist and one of these deranged libertarian right-wing anti-environmentalist science deniers go out for a drive one day...

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Chris said...

It is the natural order of things isn't it? People and businesss don't care to be taxed to pay for such programs and hire their leaders to see to it that they aren't. However, deep within us we all desire to have clean air and clean water and plenty of trees and clean lakes to dot our countrysides. But aparently insofar is it does not impede our lifestyle. Our wallets and bank accounts and all the neat little trinkets we buy are our reality while the natural world becomes nothing more than an abstraction.

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