Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Football Post

With England beating Greece 4-0 at half-time, it's looking good for once. But there were plenty of 'fans' who were ready to write him off before he started. These comments below are from the first 10 posters on the BBC 606 website before the game:

I'm just wondering exactly how long people think Steve McClaren will last in the job of England manager? i certainly don't see him lasting as long as Sven.

The fact that he hadn't the bottle to bin Fat Frank, and instead is using Hargreaves to cover up his lack of pace and inability to tackle does not augur well. The World Cup showed Lampard up as a big time Charlie who was finally found out.

A loss against greece tonight and he'll have no support and won't last long. A win and he'll keep going but I still thinkn England fans will have little confidence in him. I think Euro 2008 will be his only tournament.

After a poor Euro 2008 he will be shuffled off-stage and the FA will have a chance to bring in a real manager.

Longer than 606 lasts but not much longer. Gone before the next WC.

Well he's starting with Crouch so he can **** off now as far as I'm concerned

By playing one of the best central mid-fielders in the world wide on the right shows just how in touch he is.

McClaren used 4-5-1 at home for Middlesborough, which annoyed their fans no end. Expect equally dull football for England now.

I hope these guys hang their heads in shame!

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