Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is this just a paranoid fantasy, or is this for real?

Whilst looking at the steampunk laptop below, I found the following video on the same livejournal.

This sample of the dialogue is intriguing in itself. But is the speaker a sober, sensible whistleblower, or just a fantasist?

"And [US Representative Tom Feeney] asked you to design a program to rig an election."


"While he was the speaker of the Florida House."


[...] "And [Mrs. Yang] said, 'you don't understand, we need you to hide the fraud in the source code, not reveal it. We need to control the vote in South Florida.'"

Wikipedia says that Curtis's specific allegation is that:

At the behest of Rep. Tom Feeney, in September 2000, he was asked to write a program for a touchscreen voting machine that would make it possible to change the results of an election undetectably. This technology, explained Curtis, could also be used in any electronic tabulation machine or scanner. Curtis (a lifelong Republican) assumed initially that this effort was aimed at detecting Democratic fraud, but later learned that it was intended to benefit the Republican Party. West Palm Beach was named as an intended target, but used punched card ballots in the 2000 elections; Curtis explained that the software could be used in any electronic tabulation machine or scanner. Curtis spoke about this to the Conyers Voting Forum, after Conyers left the forum and turned over the dais to a local politician, on 2004-12-13.

Things are really interesting now, as Curtis is now standing against Feeney for Congress. This is in a congressional district where Feeney won unopposed last time. (Can you imagine that in the UK- political parties giving up and letting another party getting a parliamentary seat unopposed?)

Wikipedia also says that:

According to WFTV News, The Tom Feeney Campaign sent tens of thousands of mailers throughout his district. WFTV reports, "the mailing features congressional candidate Clint Curtis's head superimposed on what's supposed to be the body of Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Heffner. It went out to 110,000 voters across Central Florida," (

The mailer sent by Tom Feeney's campaign upset many local mothers, including one New Smyrna Beach native, who said "don't send smut to my about sending what a politician can do for someone and what you stand for, because now all I have is negative thoughts that stick in my head because of what I read," 1

Feeney's responses to Curtis's allegations may have hurt his campaign for reelection, once thought to be one of the safest Republican seats in the United States. This comes at a time when Republican scandals, including Feeney's, may signal a change of control for the House of Representatives.

Curtis's election website is here

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