Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life In Ohio

I've just discovered Shakespeare's Sister, a group blog from the USA (one of the contributors looks like UK Tory Martine Martin, they are probably different people, but I'm not sure.)

American Progressive

UK Tory

Anyway, it's well worth looking at Shakespeare's Sister , for example for a posting here. Apparently a group in Ohio called “Citizens for Community Values,” is giving legal support to a guy who beat up his live-in girlfriend. Why? Because allowing live-in girlfriends to be protected by domestic violence laws is one step towards allowing gay marriage...


MJ Martin said...

Okaaaay, I'm extremely confused. That's me alright, but I've never seen that blog before, much less contributed to it!

When I followed the link though I could see no sign of me (or the pic of me), so where did you find me listed as a contributor??

Chris Black said...

Martine, if you go to the Shakespeare Sister blog, look at the left hand column marked "contributors". If you can't see the picture immediately, click on the link just below marked 'shakespeares sister' and the black and white photo should appear.

It doesn't say AT ALL that you are a contibutor, and I'm 99 percent certain that its NOT you. But the lady looks darn like you, and knowing

a) your opinion of George W
b) that you've never been to Essex

it was jussssst possible, and I thought I would pose the question !!!!

MJ Martin said...

Ahhhh I'm with you now. You thought I was Shakespeare's Sister... hey I do see what you mean a bit actually. There is a resemblence.

I thought you saw me listed somewhere as a contributor with that picture up. Thought I had an identity thief on my hands for a moment there!

Actually I do quite like the band Shakespeare's Sister, so there's another spooky coincidence. But don't worry, it's not me ;)

Roger Owen Green said...

All that notwithstanding, the defense of a bully hurts my head.

Chris expresses his own views on this weblog.

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