Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pratchett and Accolades

From the Telegraph today:

"For years I have been asking why one of the greatest satirists who ever lived - in this country or any other - is consistently ignored by those who ought to be lionising him. I'm talking about Terry Pratchett, who may have the financial rewards commensurate with his talent - but where are the Booker prizes, or the Whitbreads ? Where are the literary accolades? Whenever he's interviewed, it's usually with a faint air of surprise that someone who writes fantasy can be so erudite and funny."

Can we please keep Pratchett in mind the next time we vote for "Liberal Voice Of the Year"?


Trevor said...

I think part of the trouble is that some people judge a book by it's cover. I have only read a few of Pratchett's books but when I have people who do not know his writing have considered the covers to be 'childish'.

Chris Black said...

Hi Trevor, just thinking of you, we have a leaflet going out in Canewdon at the moment.....

Trevor said...

Sid kindly emailed me a copy. Sad to to hear that the Tories are proposing all that extra housing. Tell Val that I hope she wins, she would make a good councillor.

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