Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Doctor's Daughter

Well, if this wasn't going to get me blogging again, nothing would....

A very cool trailer, a shame that the episode didn't really live up to its potential. But then again, Dr Who is always more than the sum of it's parts, and this episode has certainly added a new part.

I half-guessed the age of the war - the technology for creating troops certainly made such a time-span possible. But I can't quite work out how the General got to look so old... nor how he picked up his accent.


Alison Mayor said...

I think they should have made a feature-length episode out of this story; it was just too much for the short space of time available in a normal episode. The plot and character development hardly had time to develop and it was all a bit rushed. The general looked so old because he forgot to use moisturiser.

Kim Ayres said...

But did you recognise the General?

I kept thinking he looked familiar but I could not place him. It was my wife who finally realised it was the guy who played King Arthur in "Excaliber".

Devid said...

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