Sunday, June 22, 2008

Alternate Reality TV

I'm trying hard not to turn this into a Doctor Who fansite, but last night's episode - "Turn Left" - make me think hard.

I think it's the first programme I've seen on the BBC since "Threads" that includes a nuclear explosion in Britain. And without the obvious horror of Threads, it still illustrated how our country's civilisation could barely survive one nuclear bomb. I wonder if we are forgetting just how dreadful these weapons are - after all they were created in the time of farthings and 78s and Vera Lynn.

So much for classing Doctor Who as escapist.

For those who enjoyed the episode, here's a really good podcast that I've found about it.


Richard Gadsden said...

It wasn't actually a nuke - it was "just" a very big collision...

Chris Black said...

Wasn't there a mushroom cloud?

Richard said...

The Titanic was powered by a "nuclear storm drive", so yes it would have been an atomic explosion

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the political symbolism that turning right lead to nuclear devastation and a military state and turning left was the only way to preserve the universe as we know it. Were you watching, Nick Clegg?

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