Friday, April 21, 2006

"there is reportedly nothing he can do to prevent his existence from slowly marching toward its inevitable conclusion."

Well, another year , another election address - and another photo of me which will be the standard one for the next 12 months or so and is now in my blogger profile. So out goes the one that was allegedly "Cameronesque" (presumably David Cameron, not Doctor Cameron) and in comes a photo that ,well, makes me look more like 50 than 40.

Well, I am 47. And then I depressed myself slightly by finding this...


Roger Owen Green said...

Well, I'm 53, if it makes you feel any better.

That guy'll die when he's 69, which is probablty significant in Onion-land.

Chris Black said...

53 eh? You seemed more youthful than that!

Anyway it's been a cheerful afternoon - I went out delivering leaflets, the sun was shining, people were cutting the grass, someone was cleaning a little red Mazda sports car, and someone we was flying a flag in their garden that was actually a tea-towel (the cloth you use to dry dishes with) that said "We love Springtime".

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