Sunday, April 23, 2006

Typing left handed

After about 25 years of delivering leaflets , it's finally happened today - I got bitten by a dog.(well, I didn't actually see or hear it - so it could have been anything).

So I'll use a stick from now on.

I have to say, Basildon A and E were very quick and pleasant.

Has this happened to any other Lib Dem Bloggers?


Cllr David Morton said...

sadly yes. I got bitten last year and ended up in A and E. The ad fact is it happened at exactly the same house to my ward collegue a few years earlier but we just forgot that day not to deliver. and as in the first incident I chickened out of complaining to the police. I knew it would end up in the press and i also knew 90% of the public would back the dog not me.

Get well soon.

Colin Ross said...

I got bit on Good Friday, A&E in Wolverhampton were pleasant but not very quick.

Hope you stops hurting soon!


Chris Black said...

It's stopped hurting and healing up nicely!

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