Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Look At Nome

I hadn't read the whole of the local news in the Nome Nugget before posting on Sunday. If you want to read it all, there's a lot of scrolling down to do.

If you go past the Independence Day parade
The pictures of the Wheelbarrow Race and the Eskimo High Kick competition
The results of the Slowest Bike Race
The Herbie Locke Memorial Pie Eating Contest

Right at the bottom you get to a photo with the caption:

HEADING TO IRAQ— Danielle and Tom Stokesberry and their daughter Laura enjoy a community dinner at the VFW Post in Nome. This was Nome's sendoff for the men and women from Nome and the surrounding communities who will be going to Iraq with the National Guard for a year.

The juxtaposition of all these small town festivities with the departure of these part-time soldiers from of all places, Alaska, to the heat of the Iraqi summer is almost heartbreaking. And there are plenty of Brits as well in Iraq and Afghanistan who are missing out on school fetes and village fairs this year...

May they all get home safely.

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