Sunday, July 16, 2006

News from Nome

The latest edition of my favourite online local newspaper , the Nome Nugget, is particularly good.

There's a photo of the Fourth of July 25-feet dash for the over 80s.

There is an excellent letters column , with an intriguing view on a local reckless driving courtcase:

"I was surprised to see reported that Travis was allegedly traveling at a speed up to 25mph. Not once throughout the three days of the trial did I hear witnesses testify to seeing Travis traveling at that rate of speed."

And best of all for the outsider, a link to the Nome webcam.

In all seriousness, I don't know of a better online local newspaper anywhere. They have a lot of problems in their town, but most of the people really seem to care about their community.

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Andy said...

The police report from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Montana is rightly famed for its eclectic mix of small-town disturbances and occasional whimsical humour... I've often wished our local police had it so easy.
This week's edition actually has some crime in it, rather disturbingly, but it also has it's usual aort of stuff:
"A woman wanted to know her options in dealing with a painter doing an unsatisfactory job."

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