Monday, September 18, 2006

Every patch of land, every building, every garden, has a councillor...

First of all , congratulations to Stephen Tall on winning "Lib Dem Blogger of the Year"...!

I see that Stephen is also a councillor for Headington in Oxford. Not having a good knowledge of the city (last time I went there was for a wedding at St Cross Church decades ago) I don't know whether he represents any of the celebrated dreaming spires.

But it got me thinking. Every piece of land in our country has a councillor - probably several.And so does every famous location or building. I believe that David Morton has the privilege to represent the area that includes Headingly Cricket Ground, and Simon Wright likewise for Fakenham racecourse.

Do any of the other Lib Dem bloggers currently represent notable places?

What is it like to be a councillor for a ward that includes Aintree, or Winchester Cathedral, or Snowdon, or Inverewe Gardens?


Tony Ferguson said...

Don't know if this is notable enough but for many years I represented a ward which contained about half of Greenham Common Airbase

Chris Black said...

Did they invite you around?

Stephen Tall said...

None of the dreaming spires, Chris. In fact, it's Oxford Brookes University which is (almost) in my ward, and about four hospitals. Good for public services, but the architecture ain't all that medieval.

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm hoping to represent the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and Montgomery Scott of the Starship Enterprise after next May's elections Chris.

Chris Black said...

Stephen, I'm with you re Mary Queen of Scots.

But where's your evidence that Scotty was born in Linlithgow?

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