Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Man Who Wasn't There

One of the minor ambitions of my life is to actually get to the Big Conference. Although I've been in the party for about 25 years, I've never found the time to go... and life is really busy.

So I have definitely appreciated the veritable cornucopia of posts from all the assorted Lib Dem Bloggers who were there - in particular I enjoyed reading Millennnium Elephant's pieces on Sarah Teather and Ming.

Alex Foster's comments about being a 'bad' Lib Dem and avoiding the Leader's Speech were illuminating but haven't put me off the idea.

I'll get there one day...

Where will Conference be in 2008?


Roger Owen Green said...

Speaking of the man who wasn't there, are you away? Almost two weeks - I'm going through Essex withdrawal.

Chris Black said...

Well, I have been busy - for one thing, writing a Focus. (And if people in Albany don't know what a Focus is, I'll email you one).

Glad to know you've missed me, though.

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