Monday, September 18, 2006

The pruning of a Bush?

If it was someone from Respect - or even a liberal blogger from the States - writing about the idea of George W Bush being impeached, I'd not take it too seriously.

But when a UK Conservative starts writing favourably about the possibility of it happening, I start to get interested...

To quote the lady concerned - Martine Martin (no. 50 on Iain Dale's Tory list)-

Even though House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has publically stated that "impeachement is off the table", if Conyers becomes chairman he will certainly put it firmly on the agenda. He has publically stated "When the House returns to the Democrats, I will have the power to subpoena Bush Administration officials to answer questions and face the consequences for their abuses of power". In fact, I'd say that the elections this November could very well be a huge turning point in American history, because, dependant on the outcome, there is every possibility that George Bush could actually be on the sliding slope to impeachment, and eventually maybe even the death penality.

I know, I know. It'll never happen, I hear you say.

Maybe not. But at this point I would never rule out the eventuality... so just watch this space folks.


Roger Owen Green said...

Of course, I'm a liberal blogger, but I do wonder if his redefinition of Prsidential power, with those damn signing documents, might be impeachable.

Praguetory said...

Martine is fairly rabid in her dislike of Bush. The exception that proves the rule I think.

MJ Martin said...

Prague Tory is right. I am, I can't deny it. He's a bonehead.

Having said that, I wouldn't wish the death penalty on him at all. That's just the logical conclusion based on what John Conyers has said and what might happen if the Democrats get the house in November. He seems pretty certain he will be Chairman and will have the authority to go for impeachment. If Bush is found guilty of breaching the Geneva Convention that carries the death penalty.

Just because I'm a Tory shouldn't mean I'm scared to say that!

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