Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Backlash Against Vacuity ?

Item 1: I was browsing a bookstall in Rayleigh on Thursday, and saw a couple of young guys - maybe 19 or 20 - glancing at a copy of "Living The Dream: My Story", by Big Brother celebrity Chantelle. "But you haven't DONE anything yet!", one of them groaned, as he looked at her picture. As they walked away I felt slightly encouraged about the younger generation.

Item 2 : The Guardian reports today that news presenter Mika Brzezinski refused to cover Paris Hilton as her lead news story on MSNBC:

And here's a YouTube face-to-camera item that a "teen Canadian" has done in support:

According to Central Sanity,

"Remember her name. She started the revolution, the taking back of American intellect from celebrity and pseudo-celebrity fixation. God bless you, Ms. Brzezinski."

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