Sunday, July 27, 2008

Age Banding - Why Stop With Books?

Having read Sara's post opposing age banding for children's books, I am wondering whether the idea could actually be extended further.

For example - cars. I'm 49, I drive a Vauxhall Astra. It's probably the right car for me - but how about having a discreet age banding included in the model name - like, say, "Astra GT 1500 45-49?" Wouldn't that make my big car-choosing decisions so much easier in future?

And then there's' TV programmes. Which age band is Doctor Who intended for? 8-10? 11-14? 45-49? I'm going to have to keep watching it until they tell me...

What about food ? When our son was 12 he liked Brie. Surely that's really intended for an older person? Why can't they put an age range on the label?

Then there's clothes. And films. And blogs. Shouldn't we forced to put a label on our blogs showing an age range? Only trouble is then is that I would probably be too old for Millenium Elephant. And too young for Lord Bonkers' Diary

Um, maybe let's scrap the age banding idea after all.

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Lookman.Author said...

You make a good point and should support the sensible "Official Monster Raving Looney Party." Perhaps we could band politicians as well according to mental age. i am sure most are under 5 and are not entitled to be in Parliament. You may find me on

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