Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moving The Date Of The 2009 County Council Elections

Has anybody else seen this from the Department of Communities and Local Government:

We are seeking views about moving the date of the English Local Elections from Thursday 7 May 2009 so that they take place on the same day as the European Parliamentary elections on Thursday 4 June 2009.

This consultation seeks, in particular, views of councils and other stakeholders on where the balance of advantage lies - holding the local and European elections on the same day or diffferent days four weeks apart. The results of this consultation will help us reach a decision as to whether or not the 2009 local elections should be moved.

A report on this is coming to our District Council all-Tory Cabinet next week, with a recommendation to support the switch.

On principle I think it's better for local elections to keep their own separate identity. When I stand in a council election, I aim to fight it on council issues....

(Incidentally, it's a little hard to find on the Communities and Local Government website anything that says it is a government department or government ministry. Somewhat confusing.)

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