Saturday, May 06, 2006

Essex Triumphant

Coca-Cola Football League One Table:
  1. Southend 82
  2. Colchester 79
  3. Brentford 76
  4. Huddersfield 73
  5. Barnsley 72
  6. Swansea 71
  7. Nottm Forest 69
If my father was still alive (he'd be 104!) he would be very proud.... he was so devoted he wouldn't get married on a Saturday because he didn't want to miss a reserve game.


P & S said...

hello....we look forward to seeing you at Portman Rd next i'll see you in the office next week! Oh and well done on your election win....well deserved as always.

Tony Ferguson said...

Although a Leeds fan I have been following Colchesters progress for some time now partly because I went to university there but mainly because I have been watching Reading with my son for about 12 years and Phil Parkinson was a fans favourite at Reading. Many Reading fans also follow Colchester. Anyway well done to them

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