Friday, May 05, 2006

Jaggy Thistle

Now the elections are over, and I've a bit of time to devote to blogging, can I just say how much I enjoy this Scottish satirical site , for example this piece.


Trevor said...

Thanks for that one Chris. With a title like that I suspect the author is from Inverness.

Editor said...

The Editor of The Jaggy Thistle:
OK, I give up how did an Essex Councillor ever get to hear about the Thistle? Weird but thanks for the plug. By the way, "Trevor" I'm not from Inverness as a quick rummage through the JT search engine will attest I think my description of Inverness as somewhere the human soul goes to die might be a clue that I'm not from Inversneckie.
The Editor, The JT

Chris Black said...

You know, I'm not quite sure - but the first piece of yours I saw was on Rendition at Prestwick last December, and I liked it.

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