Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Car I'd Love to Buy

I'd love to buy this car. To begin with, it looks like a car from the future. The top speed, 115 mph, is more than enough for me. It seats six- four in the front, two in the back (facing the rear)

It has loads of features- a combustion efficiency gauge, oil temperature, manifold vacuum and fuel economizer gauges, battery charge level indicator, altimeter, barometer, compass, oil level gauge, tinted glass, and an all-wave radio.

It also has a thermostatically controlled climate control system and was heavily insulated to control wind and road noise. It has a safety-conscious design, with a padded leather dashboard, a shatter-proof (tri-laminate) windshield, indirectly illuminated gauges, and powerful headlights and fog lamps.

There are also no door handles - the doors open at the touch of buttons located on the outside and on the instrument panel.

It's been written about under the heading "Is This The Motor Car of Tomorrow?" and at a retail price of 12,500 dollars, it sounds affordable.

Only problem is, the Phantom Corsair is from the 1930s

It would fit in quite nicely in Daleks in Manhattan, though.

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