Monday, April 09, 2007

The End of A Good Day's Canvassing

I don't know about anybody else, but I always prefer to canvass in the sunshine - people seem friendlier, and are more willing to keep their front door open and talk.

And today was warm and sunny, with lots of beautiful cats to talk to, and lots of friendly faces on the doorstep. (In one close of about 20 houses we now have the pleasant problem of having 3 people who want to deliver leaflets for us locally.)

One thing I've noticed - back in the 80s I used to meet lots of residents who wanted to sing the praises of Mrs Thatcher. But not one voter even mentioned Mr Cameron to me over the weekend (although one chap told my colleague that Cameron looked like a double glazing salesman).

The most marginal Lib Dem ward had a majority of 336 last year, the most marginal Conservative ward had a majority of 198 in a by-election two years ago, so there's a quite a bit to play for. If any London Lib Dems have got itchy feet, we're 45 minutes from Liverpool Street Station....

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