Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Help - I Lead The Cult Of Skaro

With a slightly giddy feeling I've just realised what Daleks In Manhattan is really all about. The clue is that there are only four of them - four forlorn individuals. Their leader says "If we are SUPERIOR, Why are we not VICTORIOUS"

It's obviously a metaphor for the Lib Dem councillors on Rochford DC. There are only 4 of us. The crowded skyline of New York represents the overdevelopment of Rayleigh. The art deco elevators in the Empire State building symbolise the new lifts in the Rayleigh Civic Suite..... and the blackness of Dalek Sec is obviously because I'm the group leader and my name is Black...

The only way I can break out of this metaphor is to increase our numbers in the council chamber....


Tom Papworth said...

It could be worse.

I think I lead the cult of Sarko. Not a popular position in the Lib Dems, if my poll is correct.

Alex Wilcock said...

Superb title! I cackled. Best of luck in evolving!

And, Tom, surely – at least before Sec went all woolly liberal on immigration – the Cult of Sarko isn’t worse, merely a very similar policy position? ;-)

Please excuse that last remark. I suspect it was from the Cult of Sarky.

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