Saturday, October 08, 2005

"During the daytime there is still freedom of movement in the UK." - Time Magazine 21.02.80

It's an important football day today, we really need to beat Austria. I can remember staying up at late as a 12 year-old watching us play Germany in 1970 and feeling utterly miserable when we lost 3-2.

But according to the brilliantly inventive Anthony Wells, it would have been far worse for our country if we had won.

What political events might follow from England doing well in the World Cup next year?


Simon said...

Well, we won. But we were still awful. Lampard and Gerrard cannot play in the same team together. We need a holding midfielder. The candiates, I guess, are Parker, Jenas, Butt and Alan Smith.

Kim Ayres said...

I seem to remember there being a rumour that if England had won Euro '96 then John Major had planned on throwing a snap election in the September to try and ride on the back of the euphoria. In which case, Gareth Southgate's missed penalty saved us the a 5th Tory term in Government (although some might say we got one anyway...)

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