Sunday, October 23, 2005

If you were on trial for being a Democrat, would there be enough evidence on your blog to convict you?

Here's some news stories from this month:


No decision has yet been made on whether to replace Britain's ageing Trident nuclear deterrent, the prime minister said. But nuclear weapons remained "an important part of our defence", he said, as he appeared to rule out giving MPs a vote on the decision.


Ex-Cabinet minister Clare Short has launched a bid to give MPs the final say over whether troops go to war.

Ms Short said Tony Blair - or any future prime minister - should be forced to seek Parliament's consent for military action.

But Commons Leader Geoff Hoon kept speaking long enough to prevent a vote being taken on the bill.


Anti-nuclear protestors are being warned special police powers will be used to limit a rally on Monday.


Under the plans to drive up school standards, headteachers would be allowed greater independence from local education authorities (LEAs) by becoming 'trust schools'. They would be able to vary the national curriculum and form closer bonds with private firms.

Geoff Hoon has said he hopes Gordon Brown will be elected Labour leader without opposition when Prime Minister Tony Blair stands down.


We Lib Dem bloggers write a lot about what "Liberalism" means these days. But we seem to take the "Democrat" part of our name for granted. Yes, it may be there as a historical accident, but it should still be crucial to our identity. After a good start with the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly , Labour seem to be riding roughshod over local democracy and sometimes doesn't treat parliament correctly. One of the things that we might be able to agree with the Tories on is to give councils more independence from central control...

I think the "Democrat" part of our name is an asset that we don't use enough. Maybe we can emphasise it more often in the future...

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