Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Grimness Over Essex

I love my county, but I've recently heard two true stories concerning residents of my ward who haven't exactly received good customer service....

The first concerns a couple who went to a certain budget supermarket and parked their car in the supermarket car park. Unfortunately when they came back to their car they had a flat tyre and had to call the AA out to help, which took a while. As a result they spent longer than the stipulated 2 hours in the car park, and almost unbelievably, were given a £75 fine by the supermarket!

The second story is from a friend who bought a bag of chips from a fish and chip shop in Grays. The lady serving him asked if it was to eat now or to take away. My friend replied "to take away" and asked if she could put some salt and a bit of vinegar on. The response was "This isn't the F****** Hilton, it's Grays". Sad, really.

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