Saturday, October 01, 2005

Far away from the problems of our little world...

I've been adding some links to more sites today .... a lot of political sites, but also to the Nome Nugget (my favourite online local newspaper - worth a look) and to a couple of sites dealing with space art and extrasolar planets. The illustrations here are from Nova Celestia. However the artwork - and the background information - at is also very good.


Apollo Project said...

Wonderful pictures, Chris.

I shall add a line to our links to point out that you are an Öpikite...


Chris Black said...

I probably am an Opikite... there's a good webpage on Lembik's grandfather at

pseudolus said...

Hi again,
you are probably already aware of this site, but I will give you a link in case you aren't. Thanks for the links you mentioned, I will certainly check them out, the samples are great.

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