Saturday, December 17, 2005

Advice, please

I could do with some advice from the more technologically knowledgeable Lib Dem bloggers!

The other website I help write , , is important to us for communicating with our local residents. I have used 1&1 Internet Ltd for hosting it and have used their own 'website creator' for producing it. It's worked reasonably well but at over 100 pages is definitely cumbersome.

I'd like to change over to something more blog-like. I would keep the domain and manually copy over some of the old content. I'd like a set-up where:
- residents can comment on each post
- posts can be classified under several headings - such as council ward, subject and month.

Wordpress seems suitable, and it seems that I could probably host a Wordpress site with my current host.

However does anyone have any suggestions for alternative hosts? How easy would it be to set it up? (I managed to set up "Moonlight Over Essex" without any assistance)

All comments welcomed...


Martin said...


I don't know which 1and1 hosting package you have, but I already run a Wordpress blog on 1and1 and it took about 5 minutes to set up.


Chris Black said...

Martin, thanks for replying.

I have a home package at the moment, they've advised me as follows:

Dear Chris Black,

Thank you for contacting us.

Your UK Home linux package is supported by PHP3, 4 & 5, Perl & Free CGI's and the mod_rewrite Apache module but you need to upload
a .htaccess in order to do a mod_rewrite.
But your UK Home linux package don't support the MySQL.

Packages that support MySQL Database
MySQL Database is included with the following Linux packages....."

and then they mention business hosting and professional hosting.

It's the "you need to upload
a .htaccess "
that mildly worries me as I don't understand what a .htaccess is - but maybe it becomes clear as you go along?

5 minutes eh?

Tristan Shuddery said...

You only need to use your .htaccess when wordpress prompts you to do so. It can actually get by without one for most use-cases.

I also advocate use of wordpress, it is by far the best blogging software on the market. It will run on almost every free or cheap hosting services. Some ISPs will set wordpress up for you without charge.

James said...

I'd recommend WordPress as well. It does indeed take five minutes to set up and is incredibly versitile. With a bit of tweaking it can function as a full content management system, which is how I've used it at work.

Ryan said...

.htaccess is a doodle, if you know how to ftp, then you can upload a .htaccess file.
you can also have great fun with them, but that's for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

Chris Black said...

Hi Ryan.
Unfortunately I didn't know ftp is a verb, let alone how to actually do it.

But maybe I'm still young enough to learn

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