Monday, December 19, 2005

Margaret Thatcher (1975), Harriet Jones (in Dr Who) and .... ?

I was struck by a comment on Political Betting tonight by Zebidee:

"26. Estelle Morris seems to have Blair over a barrel over the education issue. if he doesn’t cave in he will end up trying to get his silly bill through with the support of Cameron and more Tories than labour MPs than Labour and Lib Dem ones.

Brings me to the Labour (Blair) succession. Former education Secretary, come out of nowhere, no hope of winning at all. . . .
Well didn’t it happen once before?"

Could this guy be right?


Will said...

She'd stand a better chance if she were still an MP :-)

Chris Black said...

[embarassed silence]

Well, that's my credibility as a pundit shattered.

But who would you like to be the next female Prime Minister?

PoliticalHack said...

Many of those around Yardley would have liked Estelle to carry on as an MP. Her successor isn't as capable.

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