Monday, December 26, 2005

Baffled of Rayleigh

Thanks to the encouragement of Martin , Tristan James and Ryan I am attempting to set up a Wordpress blog on 1&1.

Well, so far I've upgraded my 1&1 account to their business package and downloaded Wordpress from the web. I've set up a database at 1&1 through "MySQL Administration", , set up a wp-config.php with the info from MySQL Administration and downloaded a trial version of Ipswitch ws_ftp .

I've actually succeded in uploading the Wordpress files into my 1&1 webspace! I've then located wp-admin-install.php, and hoped I was only a few minutes away from finishing the set-up.

Trouble is , I can't figure out what to do next. When I open the wp-admin-install.php file with wordpad I get a lot of discouraging stuff which begins:

define('WP_INSTALLING', true);
if (!file_exists('../wp-config.php'))
die("There doesn't seem to be a wp-config.php file.

So clearly I've not set up the wp-config-php file correctly, or it's not being found (I have uploaded it).

Offers of help, and advice, greatly received.


Martin said...

Try loading the page in your browser

(from a café in Salzburg)

Chris Black said...

Many thanks for your message Martin. Cafe society at its best!

However all I get is

error 403: Forbidden!
The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Authorization will not help and the request SHOULD NOT be repeated.

Chris Black said...

Aha. I'm getting closer , now from

I get

error 404: File not found
The document you requested is not found.

I'm getting closer... I suspect I've not uploaded it to the correct place

Chris Black said...

Thanks for the hint Martin, I owe you a coffee...

Kim Ayres said...

Happy New Year Chris!

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