Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jane's View of Vultures

Former Labour MP Jane Griffiths has some definite views on the Lib Dem leadership question that are worth reading:

The vultures are circling round Charlie Kennedy. He is a nice bloke seemingly and is an effective leader, though I would say the LibDems have peaked for the foreseeable future, though they might have a more important role in the hung Parliament we are likely to get at the next general election.

This happens all the time in politics. Those who don't have the courage to put themselves forward for office start undermining the person who has and who has done a good job. Much good it does them in the long run. As Keynes nearly said, in the long run we're all dead. I think that Ming Campbell wants taking down a peg or two. How about a ringtone, or of course a Mingtone, along the lines of Crazy Frog, for a Christmas Number One? All together now, a Ming-Ming-Ming-Ming-Ming-Ming-Ming! Charlie is being bullied by his own party boys and they will regret it.

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