Sunday, February 19, 2006

In honour of Ben Franklin

Jonathan Calder and Nick Barlow both quote Benjamin Franklin today. He is one of my historical heroes . Of all the statesmen and scientists that I've ever heard of, he's one of the ones I'd like brought forward in a time machine and elected onto our local council.

If you are interested in the great man, my favourite search engine Clusty has a special Ben Franklin portal

"a comprehensive, one-stop site that includes carefully curated educational resources, Franklin's own writings and proverbs, and tens of thousands of websites scattered throughout cyberspace. Befitting this founding father's leadership in establishing the country's first public library, this free site, in honor of his Tercentenary, is accessible to anyone with an internet connection."

CORRECTION: Jonathan didn't quote Ben Franklin today, however Nick linked to something that Jonathan had written about liberty and then Nick quoted Ben Franklin. Sorry for the error! However both quoted Shirley Williams. And having listened to her on Desert Island Discs recently - an absolute delight - I'd probably have her on my all-time council as well. Hmmm, better stop now before I drift into Dr Who territory.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but where did Jonathan mention Franklin? I can't see.

Chris Black said...

Sorry Anon, made a mistake.

Had trouble fully accessing various blogs to re-read so I quoted from memory.

Applogies to all concerned.

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