Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Localism is going to be an important campaigning issue for the party. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Were you the blogger4Chris that faked YouGov figures on the politicalbetting and Guido blogs to try and give him a false impression of momentum?

Chris Black said...


I'm just an grassroots councillor who hopes Chris will win.

(although I won't be upset if Ming or Simon succeed instead- I know I'm stating the obvious, but this is an election where the winner is going to be a Liberal Democrat!)

I'm not any kind of an 'insider', I've never met any of the other Bloggers4Chris and never even partcipated a Yougov poll, let alone faked one.

Actually , I see no evidence that any of the Bloggers4Chris have been involved in this.

But I do think that things are moving Chris' way.

By the way, your question is a legitimate one. Why are you asking anonymously?

Tristan said...

I think this is right, localism will be a big issue.
What we must avoid however is elected dictatorships at a local level. Given the mess my local council manages to make with what little it has in its power now because it is so remote from its electorate (and the autocratic leadership likes shiny projects which aren't actually wanted or needed) I dread to imagine what they would do if given the chance...

So localism is desperately needed, this is one of the things which has recently made me sit up and pay more notice of Chris, but it must not be just giving more power to local government cabinets... I'm sure this is recognised in the party, but I've never heard it stated...

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