Monday, February 06, 2006

Someone Else's View

I saw this on Political Betting tonight, gives an interesting view of Chris Huhne:

Just got back from the Cardiff hustings. My position before going was undecided, but tending to put Hughes at 3 because of the poor handling and judgement of the last few weeks. The format of the evening was speeches then questions.

Simon was first, and as usual he was passionate and spoke without notes. He was coherent too. Chris spoke well, and was not monotonous. I had never heard him speak before and was pleasently surprised as I I have heard some people say “boring”. Content was good, but after Simon, his use of notes was noticeable. Ming was good for content, also used notes a bit, but has a bad throat and didnt project. Round 1 goes Hughes 3 points, Huhne 2 points, Campbell 1 point.

For questions, all spoke without notes, and all spoke with passion. Simon however, drifted at times - as he can when unscripted. Ming’s content was good, but no more. Chris really excelled here; content was great, and when not reading from notes he projects well and the passion comes ever well. Round 2 goes Huhne 3 points, then the other two tie for 1.5 points.

Overall I make that:
Huhne: 5
Hughes: 3.5
Campbell 2.5

Still not fully decided, but I’m tending to Huhne. I would be content with any as leader though, they all showed themselves to be capeable.
by Mark February 6th, 2006 at 11:24 pm


TheoBP said...

Overall I make that:
Huhne: 5
Hughes 4.5
Campbell 2.5

Chris Black said...

Yeah - you're right. This guy was typing a bit too quickly!

But it doesn't affect his view.

Chris expresses his own views on this weblog.

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