Wednesday, February 15, 2006

J. frowned and turned down the radio. “The last time this happened,” she said, “the area was raided.

I've been feeling guilty over the last few days - too busy with family, work and ward issues to do any blogging.

In particular, I've not had time to properly respond to those posts with titles like "1001 things I don't like about Huhne now that he's ahead of my candidate in the leadership race" and "Chris Huhne is too dull to be a Prime Minister , unlike uh, John Major or uh, Gordon Brown"

But I've been thinking about Chris' comments in the Question Time debate last week. They were something on the lines of 'In Iraq we are seen by the population as part of the problem, not part of the solution'. A week ago I wasn't quite convinced by what he was saying. But now his comments seem quite prescient in the light of the past few days' disclosures.

I don't have any answers. But for a reminder of what life is like right now in Baghdad, please, please read this from Baghdad Burning.

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