Saturday, November 18, 2006

Election Addiction

For those who are election addicts, and are suffering withdrawal symptoms now the US mid-term elections are over, hope is in sight. You can look at This has head-to-head state-by-state poll results for comparing about a dozen potential Democrat candidates against a dozen potential Republican candidates.

So if you pick, say Barack Obama and John McCain, you can see instantly that McCain would win in the electoral college by 510 to 28, with Obama only winning Illinois (where he is senator), Hawaii (where he used to live) and Washington DC.

Replace Obama by John Edwards, and McCain wins by 272 to 266... and just for fun you can put Franklin D Roosevelt up against Ronald Reagan...


Paul Walter said...

Thanks Chris - sounds fascinating - I'll have a go

Roger Owen Green said...

Ah, but it's SO early.
If you look at the number of House seats that were "in play" six months ago, it was, what, 25? 30? By the time of the weekend before the election, it was 65 or 70. May be fun to speculate, but most people don't even know who Barack Obama is in any substantial way.
Then there are are the inevitable campaign gaffes that have affected everyone from George Allen (soon to be former Senator from Virginia who was planning to run for President) to Michael Dukakis in the tank (1988 Prez election) to far more than I'll mention here.

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