Monday, November 13, 2006

Labour's Big Change

This website appeared last Thursday - "LABOUR'S BIG CHANGE".

There's a lot of stuff here that I sympathise with :

If Labour is going to win the next general election, we need a fundamentally new direction of travel for the new Government after the election of a new Leader and Deputy Leader.

We need more than corrections of where we have clearly gone badly wrong – over Iraq, Lebanon and subservience to Bush, over the centralisation and unaccountability of Government today, over the growing and unacceptable inequality between rich and poor, over the privatisation of our public services, over the decline of manufacturing and the weakness of workplace rights, and over the continuing erosion of civil liberties. What we need above all is a vision of a new direction which can fire the imagination of today’s generation.

The overriding political issue today, the danger that could overwhelm much of the planet, much of the human race, if not in our lifetime but certainly in that of our children or grandchildren, is climate change.

Labour has to become the Party that will lead the world in a fundamental change of direction. We have to move from the peripheral and tinkering to the profound and visionary. Tackling climate change must permeate every other policy in government – not just energy, but transport, industry, building, agriculture, public expenditure and taxation, and foreign policy.

Put bluntly, we will never have food security, water security, or energy security in this country (or anywhere else) unless we give absolute priority to combating climate change.

It's backed by just 5 MPs so far - David Chaytor, Nia Griffith, Kelvvin Hopkins, Michael Meacher and Alan Simpson.

Is this website for the long-term, or connected to the leadership contest?

Hat-Tip: Andrea, on Political Betting

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me to be manoeuvring for the left of the party.

Disappointed to see old ideological statements (stopping privatisation) which is as bad as insisting on privatisation... what we need is high quality public services (and to be looking at what needs to be provided by government, and what doesn't...)

The question is will it garner much support, and will the loony left get control?

Chris expresses his own views on this weblog.

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