Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Southend United 1 Manchester United 0

My parents got married during the week because my father was a devoted Southend United football fan and didn't want to marry on a Saturday - he didn't want to even miss a reserve game. So I have Southend United in my blood.

And this evening I come straight back from a council meeting to hear on the radio how the club are doing tonight. They are calling tonight's game their biggest match since they were founded 100 years ago - it's a 4th round cup game against Manchester United.

So, Southend United , bottom of the Championship (the English Division 2). Haven't won in the league for 12 games, but have a very talented young manager, Steve Tilson, who has led the club to two successive promotions.

And Manchester United , top of the Premiership, this week celebrating Sir Alec Fergurson's 20 years as manager. They aren't fielding their best possible team, but 10 of their starting 11 are internationals, and include Wayne Rooney, Wes Brown and Ronaldo.

The local paper quotes one of the Southend players, Mark Gower, as saying "Even the most die-hard Southend fan will not expect us to win tonight.."

But Southend have just won a massive shock victory. A goal from a 30-yard free kick from our best forward, Freddy Eastwood. Then a lot of determined defending...

Brilliant. Just Brilliant.


Keropok said...

Congratulations Southend. Painful to lose to a team 43 bleeding positions below us.

Still, better lose here than where it really matters, no? :)

Mr. Bosman said...

I was watching the game in a pub in Preston. It was fantastic. Man U's glory-seeking supporters were sneaking out five minutes before the end. Will these people never learn? After all, I seem to recall that they turned a Champions League final round in the last few minutes just a few years ago.

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