Saturday, November 18, 2006

Political Pornography

If you want to mix your politics with a touch of violent, literary pornography, try the Devils Kitchen. The blog that last week had an interesting piece on chip and pin has degenerated. A piece that begins with some fairly puerile comments on Margaret Beckett's appearance turns into, well, violent pornography. Someone will probably tell me that he's being funny, but actually he isn't. Someone else will probably say it's brilliant invective, not for those easily offended - but it's not in the least brilliant and even if it was, so what? I'm no supporter of Margaret Beckett, but that still means she is a human being worthy of normal respect.

Devils Kitchen is one site I won't be looking at again. But I'm sure that all those right-wing bloggers will still proudly keep him on their blogrolls - or will they?

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